About the Author

My name is Morten Grantzau and I have been working with Agile since 2004 in a lot of different scenarios. I’m educated as Graphic Designer and have worked the majority of my years as such in Scrum Teams.

For the past many years I have moved to “the other side of the table” and worked as a full time ScrumMaster and facilitator of the process. My expertise is, in particular, working with offshore/nearshore teams (mainly in Ukraine, Egypt and Russia) and all the “do’s and don’ts” related to that.

I’m a certified ScrumMaster through Scrum Alliance (certified by Jeff Sutherland).

I’m also the father of 3 children and is located in central Jutland in Denmark, EU. I live and breathe “agile” and I love the challenges which I’m facing on an everyday basis.