Morten Grantzau, 2022

ScrumIt is all about working with Agile methods and mindset in theory and in real life scenarios. Throughout the years I have been faced with a great deal of issues in relation of how to do things the “agile way“. The knowledge and the experiences is outlined (partially) on this website and hopefully you will benefit from it.

Do keep in mind that the majority of “solutions” to issues listed here is individual. This means that they may work for some teams while it’s absurd to apply it to others. Should you have more specific questions related specifically to your team or organization please don’t hesitate asking me directly through one of the many channels listed on the site.

I hope you will enjoy the reading and I encourage you to challenge me on my points of views at any time. Thanks for stopping by!

Morten Grantzau
Enterprise Agile Professional (CSM, CSSM) & Idealist